Our Goal is to Ensure Good Homes for
All Homeless Cats and Dogs

Pet Alliance’s Role: Assist the Community with their Animal Needs, Fill the Needs of The Current Rescues / Shelters and Empower Communities To Improve & Change To Benefit Homeless Animals.

The Solution is already known:

  • EDUCATE ourselves & our children about the problem and the solution!
  • IDENTIFY your pets (cats and dogs) with an ID tag and Microchip.
  • SPAY/NEUTER ALL pets to stop the cycle.
  • ADOPT existing homeless animals.

What’s New With Pet Alliance?

Pet Alliance has launched the No kill Initiative in Clermont County as Clermont Pets Alive! Visit the web site www.ClermontPetsAlive.org now to adopt, foster, volunteer or promote a Clermont County Animal.

Clermont Pets Alive! Logo

If you have lost or found a cat or dog:

Wildwood Pet Network: A great source for suggestions on what to do to help the lost / found animal.
Missing Pets.com
 for a Free Flyer to spread the word about the lost / found animal
Pet FBI for Lost and Found Ohio Pets
Cats In The Bag Website for suggestions on finding your lost animal
Missing Pet Partnership Unique recovery tips based on the lost pet’s specific species and temperament
FIND TOTO (click the button in the left column for details Phone Alert System to notify your neighbors of your lost, found or stolen pet.