About Us


Pet Alliance was conceived to fill a connection and collaboration gap identified with existing animal rescue organizations throughout the state of Ohio but has grown its mission to encompass the entire United States.  It facilitates its mission of ending the euthanasia of companion animals in the state of Ohio by creating programs to improve the effectiveness of current rescue, shelter and community efforts.

Most animal rescues work independently with little connection or collaboration with other similar or supportive resources.  Pet Alliance will improve their effectiveness through collaboration, networking of successes and needs through a strategy of state wide resources and tools.  Improving the effectiveness of current rescue, shelter and community efforts will allow Pet Alliance to achieve its mission to:

End Euthanasia of Companion Animals in the State of Ohio.

Pet Alliance, Inc., is an Ohio 501(c)(3) organization founded in May of 2006 with headquarters in an eastern suburb of Cincinnati. See Our Programs for a description of the Pet Alliance contribution to the animal advocate and rescue communities.